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Model Behavior Magazine is a visually engaging, full color publication from Chicago based artist Cole Chickering. Model Behavior was developed as a sister project to Cole’s long running blog womans-day.tumblr.com. After years of collecting thousands of images to share virtually via tumblr, it seemed like a natural move to take his research to print, in the form of a new publication. That publication became Model Behavior Magazine.

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A collection of digital and scanned images from an array of media sources, including catalogs, grocery checkout-line magazines, stock photography, self-help guides, and hobby manuals, Model Behavior Magazine is a reflection of the constructed and curated image of American women. Simultaneously funny, unsettling, sincere and suspicious, Model Behavior Magazine offers readers a new perspective into recurring themes and icons of women’s media. Lushly illustrated, this magazine is a critical celebration of the print and virtual lifestyle guides that attempt to reach out and prescribe us a model for living.




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