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_Confessions of a Catholic Lesbian


What is the difference between being an ordinary lesbian and a catholic lesbian?

You could say that it can be seen in our habits and beliefs. The non-Catholic lesbian doesn’t practice religion, doesn’t go to Mass, doesn’t thank God for the good things that happen to her, doesn’t pray, lacks faith… But that is just my point of view (which doesn’t have to be written in stone). From my experience, many people make fun of the Church, of the Bible, of Jesus and the Virgin Mary… I see this as a joke, something not real. Especially when we’re talking about atheists. Of course I am not in the position to generalize, because there certainly might be atheists and believers of other religions that respect and don’t make fun of people like me. However, Catholic girls such as myself do typical stuff such as going to Mass on Sunday, praying every night and we wake up every morning thanking God for the new day. We live the Christian faith 100% and this makes our days happier and better. And above all, and this is part of my personality and education, doing a good a deed everyday. And because we believe in one God, and in my case, the Virgin Mary.

Since when do you practice Catholicism?

I’ve been practicing since I was a child. My parents started taking me to Mass when I was two and a half years old. I started praying to God at that age, and curiously, when I was five, I already had great faith in religion. When I was six I already had asked my parents to take me to “Lourdes”.

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What do you look for in a woman?

I look for honesty, faithfulness, humility and respect. These are things that seem to be in extinction. But I always think, if I exist, the way I am, there must be another woman like myself in some corner of the world. She doesn’t have to be Catholic; I think that kindness is in the heart and not in religion.

Did you ever have a relationship with a non-Catholic woman? What happened?

This brings us back to what I was saying about extinction. I am thirty-four years old, I’ve gone out with thirteen different women, and none of them were Catholics. All of these relationships were based on lies and infidelities. Two of these girls got to the point of being violent, and completely unstable. They had “special personalities” (I guess that’s a way of putting it). BUT I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE!

It is of common knowledge that the Church has always rejected homosexuality. Have you felt out of place at any moment?

I am glad you asked me this question, because many people have been asking me the same thing for years. There is a difference between the standards of the Church and the standards of Jesus Christ. Men created the laws of the Church, based on the Old Testament: priests, bishops, and archbishops… Jesus Christ invented the Church, but didn’t invent the rules, especially a rule that goes against the sexual condition of a person. However, the Church does limit love between people of the same sex. But this is something men say. Jesus said: LOVE AS I HAVE LOVED YOU. If this was something actually applied by the Church, homosexuals such as myself could get married. Another example is the whole story with condoms.

Since I can remember, the Church has been rejecting the use of condoms, it was a MORTAL SIN! But only until two years ago, when Popo Benedict approved it to prevent diseases and abortions. This only means that the Church is making the decisions, and not Jesus. And this is why I have never felt discriminated by the Church. If you think about it, we are discriminated by the majority of priests, but not by God, because I’m devoted to Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary and not to the rules of the Church.

The Pope says that lesbians and gays will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. What do you think about this declaration, being a devoted Catholic?

It seems that the Bishop of Alcalá de Henares actually said this. In 2012 he attacked us (homosexuals) and abortion. In fact, Pope Francis declared in July of 2013 that “he is no one to judge the homosexuals”, for we are all children of God. Pope Francis obviously follows the word of God more strictly than his successors.

What is you opinion about the prohibition of gay marriage by the Church? As a lesbian, wouldn’t you like to be married by the Church with a woman?

This question makes us different from others, it makes us seem like we are form a different species or something like that. The fact that a man and a woman can get married by the Church and that two women cannot is something discriminatory. I see it as a rejection to the human race. And yes, as a Catholic, my dream is to marry in the eyes of God, and not in the eyes of a “judge”. Although I’m pretty sure I will have a civil wedding. It’s okay!

Do you feel persecuted or abused by feminist associations?

I used to… But nowadays I have become a woman that doesn’t really care about other people’s opinion about me. If you love yourself, what others might think doesn’t matter.

What kind of activities do you carry on with your group? Do you just go to Mass or something like that?

That’s a funny question! Nooo! We don’t always do that. In fact, when we meet up we go out for dinner and drinks. We only care about having a good time with one another.

How can someone be a homosexual and catholic at the same time? Especially when the Church is against it… How can you justify this?

Atheist women always ask this question to the Catholic ones. It is true that most of the homosexuals are not Catholics (even if they were born in a religious family). It is not their fault that they are like this; it is the Catholic Church’s fault for providing homophobic propaganda. But I would like to repeat… Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary never said anything bad about homosexuals. Scientific studies have shown that in the New Testament there are no discriminations. Jesus is love! Love one another! I remember Pope John Paul II once said that the word of Jesus and God were in the New Testament, and that the Old Testament was simply a mystery for all of us.