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You probably know Bianca Casady because she’s one of the two sisters of Coco Rosie. But what you don’t know is that her life is completely divided between making music, touring with the band and having contemporary art exhibitions all around the world. We were curious about how she is able to manage herself in these different creative aspects and decided to ask her some questions.

Text: Florencia Serrot (florenciaserrot.com)

Photos: Portrait by Detlef Schneider (detlefschneider.com) + installation photos courtesy of the Gallery Cheim & Read New York (http://www.cheimread.com)

How hard is to get all the different media in your artwork so mixed up?

- My work feels like this mix mash all the time. Using only one media doesn’t feel appropriate. Actually I have had periods of time where the crossover between art and music was really loud. Like during the period of Mad Vicky, for example. When Mad Vicky was around, art and music were perceived as one. Boundaries between life, art, and music didn’t exist.

How do you create the work that will be shown in galleries?

- I work in concentrated periods between tours. I’m always taking pictures, filming and writing on tour, but I don’t do a great job drawing on the road. I take sheets of paper in my suitcase just in case, besides, I don’t really ever open the suitcase completely.Being on tour isn’t my most productive time. We function kinda like robots, and we stay up until really late, and consequently wake up late. Truth is, we focus mainly on the show.

How is the art world accepting your presence?

- I’m not taking that too seriously quite yet, partially because I am
mainly known for my music. If I ever want to become part of it fulltime, I will have to be really patient. I know it will be something that will come really slowly and through lots of work. But to tell you the truth, I’m not too concerned about this whole matter, especially because I don’t pay much attention to this so called art world.

What do you mean by that? 

- I’m just not that into museums, or galleries for that matter. But I do love creating my own installations. I try not get too caught up on the semantics around the art world and galleries, it can slow you down.

Are you still living in NY?

- I haven’t been living really anywhere in the last years. And I left NY almost 3
years ago.

Where do you feel your life is heading now? Are you  going back to basics or to some sort of nomad lifestyle?

- I’m now in a point of my life where one of my dreams would be to live in an
old XVI century Italian chapel and just work. I haven’t been able to live this way, and it is completely the opposite of how I used to live in the Big Apple. I must say I really enjoyed it though, especially when Mad Vicky was around. But I doubt I will live like that ever again. With time I have started to isolate myself, I guess you could say I have become sort of a monk in many ways. My life is simple: I drink a lot of black tea, eat lentils, wear long johns and work.

What are you missing that you feel you still haven’t done yet?

- I haven’t written a book yet, and that’s pretty weird. I feel that’s something I have to do.