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_Blanca Miró reads Ponytale at CCB in Barcelona

We caught Blanca Miró reading Ponytale and she reveals how she started to draw, her new series and her plans for the future.

Text: Anastassia Graf


When did you start drawing?

I started drawing at a very young age, things that you couldn’t really understand. At that exact moment I probably was completely aware of what I was drawing, but that is something I can’t possibly remember any more. I can actually describe the themes of my drawings throughout different ages. For example, from 4 to 6, I used to draw myself with my family in nice places such as the countryside, restaurants or amusement parks. I also drew Santa Claus and Christmas mornings surrounded by gifts.

After the age of 6 I started to draw myself in day-to-day situations: cutting my hair, walking the dog, eating ice cream, etc. When I turned 10 I began getting into drawings with a certain erotic mystique. If I think about it now, they weren’t really that erotic, but at the time I got really aroused. I drew people kissing each other and women dressed as Geri from the Spice Girls touching men’s genitalia. Obviously this was all really badly drawn, but I loved it and I used to touch myself with my left hand while I drew with my right one. When I was 14 I enjoyed drawing different situations and short stories about my girl friends and I. We usually would have really buff boyfriends, bigger tits, and looked older and hotter than we actually were.

At 16 it was a whole different story. I started smoking joints and my drawings usually portrayed monsters and people dying. I have to admit it was quite gruesome and psycho. After this so called “phase” I started maturing artistically and began this personal journey until the work I do now, which you can see on my website and blog.

When or who first prompted you to venture into the art world?

Serisouly? I don’t know. The first time I collaborated in in exhibit was in 2010, I think. I made model motels and highway businesses with my boyfriend at the time, Hugo Guinea.

You are an actress now. Tell us about the series you are starring in. Which is your role in it exactly?

Oh, no. I am not an actress. The series is actually a mockumentary in which I go on a trip with a sailor. Almost everything is improvised, but we do have a small script to keep a certain order of the adventures in each episode. I play myself, “Blanca The Illustrator”, so the whole thing about being an actress is kind of a no-no. I am described as a “modern urbanite” that goes on an adventure throughout the Mediterranean with the designer of the brand Medwinds, who is a shy and lonely sailor. In the meantime, I document the trip with drawings. I must confess that my role is “super cute”, like, so “cute”, you will see me playing the ukulele and other girly stuff.

Name a character you would like to play.

I don’t care, as long as the person doesn’t have a double chin. Although I was drawing the Spice Girls earlier…

What do you do with your spare time?

Lately I have been meeting up with my friend Andrea and the illustrator Mirena Ossorno, because we are preparing a feminist fanzine. But I truly enjoy being absorbed by this black hole known as the Internet. One of my greatest pleasures is looking at EpicFail.com. It inspires me a lot, even more than the bazillion tumblrs you can find each day. I also meet up with my friend Paola to play music. I am trying to take care of my body as well, so I do aerobic at home with these super tacky 80’s videos I find on youtube. Oh, I feel an obligation to mention that one of my favorite things in this whole wide world is going out at night with Alejandra Nuñez. And obviously, drawing!

What plans do you have for the future?

My plans are to continue on drawing and getting well-paid jobs for it. This weekend I just had another idea for a fanzine. But I won’t mention it any further because I want to be cautious about it. I am really motivated though! I’ll try to have it finished before Christmas so that all of you can give it as a gift to your beloved ones. Ah, and I almost forgot. I am going to try to get my driver’s license in the province of Cuenca. Rumors say it is easier.



You can find Ponytale at the CCB bookstore.

(Laie Bookstore) Carrer Montalegre 5, Barcelona