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CSS’S Guitarist, Luiza Sá, talks about her new journey as an astral reader. 


– Define astrology.

Astrology is (to me) the study of a system based on astronomical phenomena that allows the relationship between the patterns of this system and the patterns of the human world to exist. I would be careful to state that you can actually predict something. The way I (and many other people) use astrology is much more close to psychology and symbology, rather than forecasting very specific actions or events. You could look at the history of astrology (and there are different astrologies, such as Hindu or Mayan) but what I study would be modern Western astrology based on Greek astrology. There is the broad notion that astrology can tell you about fate and I strongly believe it is not that simple. On one hand you have free will and on the other, you have destiny. To me, they’re part of the same thing since you can only exercise your “free will” through your own eyes and your own way of expressing yourself, which means that astrology can, in fact, tell you about destiny… Not what will happen but how you would most likely approach what happens

I am just interested in observing human behavior and the more I observe and study astrology, the clearer it is to me how much proof there is. Not that everyone under the same sun sign (Taurus, Libra or whichever one) will be super similar, act the same way, etc. Every chart is very broad and holds much more detail than just the sun sign but those things do count and make sense to me. I use astrology to help detecting what could be a point of strength or challenge in different areas of my (or someone’s) life. It can also be of huge help for humans to relate and understand each other.

– What is astral card reading and astral projection?

You mean chart reading? Astrology works with charts. You have different ones but possibly the most looked at is your natal chart. It’s sort of a photograph of the astrologic “sky” when and where you were born. So if you were born in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, at 2:33pm on a certain day, the planets will be in a certain position, cover the chart (a round, 12 parts system) in a certain way and relate to each other in a certain way. So you have something very unique, even if you were born on the same day but just a few hours apart.  With your natal chart you can look at the blueprint you’ve been given: your sun sign, ascendant, moon and so on. It will never change, but there are progressed charts and different ones, such as synastry (two different people’s charts combined to see the partnership), progressions and transits (the chart you get for each year on your birthday, depending on where you spend it or what energies you will have going on for the next years). It’s all a bunch of calculations based on a system.

– Do you think astrology works because of the Forer Effect? 

 I don’t think I can prove it scientifically, but a lot of signs are there since the person was a little kid and unaware of all of that or whatever he or she was supposed to be. Most of my Virgo friends approach work in a certain way, or most of my Sagittarius friends will be very sociable, or most of my Libra friends can be super charming and non-confrontational. This might all be bullshit, but I don’t think it is. Also people discredit astrology because what’s widely known is the newspaper horoscope that is so broad and, taking a couple of exceptions, nonsense. Saying what will happen on your day (you can’t really say that about everyone who was born in March or any month) or just saying something that works for anyone at anytime is not viable. And that’s what’s popular.

People are way more complex than that as far as astrology can tell and such a narrow interpretation will never cover what needs to be covered, even if the sun sign still is the most important parts of anyone’s horoscope. I also think that, just like anywhere else, there are more evolved people than others, so some people use energies in a completely different way. This means it could just be because they are more evolved or because life gave them better chances to evolve (i.e. better parenting).  What I’m trying to say is that you can’t simplify someone’s existence, it is always complex and special and it is connected with way more things than their horoscope. That said, it is incredible to observe things being so undeniably present, such as the Saturn return (once every 29 years, people go through a big change) or the strongest points of someone’s chart. I don’t believe all that is due to the Forer Effect.

– Do you consider astrology a science? 

Science is creating theories (from observation or not) and proving them. I don’t think astrology or astrologers are particularly preoccupied in proving theories in a scientific way. I don’t know if it is a science and I wouldn’t worry about that.  It requires a lot ofstudying and observing and it requires you to be able to see more than what’s written down. You have to have senses other than just being able to do a good astrological interpretation. I think that is also necessary, for example, to look at art or listen to music.

– What is the relation between astrology and the horoscope? 

Astrology is the whole study of the system. The horoscope can be a birth chart, or something more specific that you look at.