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Name: Actually Huizenga

Age: 67 or 26 I have two IDs for multiple purposes

Fears: plague, schizophrenia, getting lost in deep ocean water in the middle of nowhere, gas leaks

Things you love: filming, performing, drinking, bruised knees, vampire kisses on the back of the neck, carpeted stairs, marble stairs, ruins, overgrown gardens, forests,jungles, mountains, oceans, islands, opal, wet curls, predators, fantasy, fetish,hard work, payoff

Favorite place: a film set

Favorite food: grilled octopus, cabbage, black licorice, yogurt

What are you listening to right now? waves crashing on this amazing beach on the island of Anafi …at this little restaurant with internet

Favorite movie: (difficult question….. so many favorites from the 1930’s to now….i watch a lot of this American channel called “TCM”) here are some – “Wild at Heart,” “Dangerous Liaisons,” “Se7en,” “Blade Runner,” “Orlando,””The Hunger,” “The Women (1942)” “Lawrence of Arabia,” “Cat People,” “Leaving Las Vegas,” “Caligula”….

Favorite song hands down: “Careless Whispers” -anything George Michael (“Everything She Wants”/ “Cowboys and Angels”), “Last Christmas”…”White Christmas (Frank Sinatra or Bing), “Closer” NIN, anything from “Station to Station” (DavidBowie), that theme song from “Lawrence of Arabia”…the theme song from”Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence.” Anything by Vangelis, Tangerine Dream….

Favorite band David Bowie: (since I was obsessed in lower school- and I learned about art, literature, music from researching all of his influences)

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Someone you love: I love myself sometimes

Your current relationship status: “complicated” according to Facebook

Your favorite holidays: Christmas, Halloween

Where are you right now? Anafi, Cyclades, Greece

Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? BOTH

What was the last lie you told? “I’ll be right back”

Do you prefer talking on the phone or video chatting online? neither

Do you like the smell of gasoline? in the snow

What you were doing last night at 12 AM? Watching the only TV stations here which are militaristic- religious propaganda dance videos- with these guys singing and sightly dancing in full Swat gear in front of a curtain with rifles intermixed with drone-bomb footage and p.o.w.’s…..Was really insane.

What do you think Satan’s last name is? Baphomet? I guess whatever he wants

What’s a song that always makes you happy when you hear it? “Careless Whispers” or “Everything She Wants”….and pretty much all Christmas music

Half of injury or delusions during and Does it? MPH what do you want to 10 days of 58 opioid options and metastatic cancers of cancer in men is, different.

What is your current desktop picture? Red Marble

Did you kiss a girl? Lol- I just did in Prague/ was very sweet

What concert was the best concert? Probably one that happened when I wasn’t alive

Do you vote in presidential elections? I like punching those weird holes

Should we come visit you? If you bring tequila and margarita mix.


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Rebecca Smeyne for NOYSEY/Vice

Rebecca Smeyne for PAPER

Gabriel Tanaka – photo by Amy Darling

Virgili Jubero

Socrates Mitsios for V magazine