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Cècile di Giovanni, aka CDG, is a 26-year-old artist who’s incredible work is growing constantly. Besides her project as CDG, she is setting up a studio, CDG LAND, which would be an extension of her work, with the objective to work for independent movies as an objects/accessories designer or set designer. She is also currently planning to launch a brand, CONTEMPORARY CDG, to create on her own or/and in collaboration with other DIY artists and make limited handmade products.

“CDG are my initials, i like the idea of being representing by something instead of being seen as someone. That is also asexual what is more how I consider myself in general.

I’m a south of France based artist considering myself as self-educated. My granddad was an handyman alchemist living as an hermits in the country (he was sick and couldn’t really talk) until he died. His only way to communicate passed through the crazy objects and gears he used to create for us when we were kids. So i guess I’ve been taking my main inspiration from him so far, making stuff with my hands being my main way to express myself to this world.

I’m basically obsessed with violent sports and orthopaedic materials, which I recycle to build imaginary arms, ammunitions, objects and accessories in general. I’m also into gears and motorcycles, popular music myths, being a big science fiction cinema lover as well, liking dystopia genre, finding basically myself in all the counterculture representations we’ve had from 70’s to now, specially the America influenced one. I find beauty in what is dirty, hidden and broken, putting my interest in popular class concerns, from where I come here from, trying to find us through my work a proper way to behave, defend and identity ourselves against this literally overpowering society. Some are joking about me preparing a kind of secret revolution with my stuff, like Mad Max was actually happening.

That is a really instinctive practice, that is all about revolution and power. I like the idea of creating crazy stuff with daily materials too. cutting your shoes in two pieces to make a warrior helmet for example. i’m creating my own codes of beauty and power.

I guess I will stay a bipolar teenager spirit forever, being optimistic, sensitive and full of hopes in a hand, believing in nothing except civil wars, scream and fight against power in the other hand.”


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