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Marcel Castenmiller, photographer and model, took a trip in 2009, returning to his homeland in British Columbia, that would bring about pleasant surprises and a wonderful collection of photos of the location of the shooting of the series Twin Peaks.

This is his story:

 “I grew up in a town called Port Moody which is across the American/Canadian boarder into British Columbia. (Just a 3 hour drive North of “Twin Peaks) 

I was living in New York and was introduced to Twin Peaks in 2009 and I immediately had a soft spot for it. The tall douglas furs, the small town gossip, the rain, it made me miss my home town. On a visit to see my Parents I decided to fly into Vancouver but return to New York from Seattle, Washington. This included my first trip to Twin Peaks or on our maps it’s known as North Bend, Snoqualmie and maybe part of Fall City.

 (I’ve included the image of me during my first visit. Somehow I had only brought a blackberry phone, no digital or film camera. I goess I didn’t know what to expect seeing how it was my first try finding a town that I wasn’t sure existed.)

 In the Summer of 2012 my partner Sara and I went on quite a escapade getting to travel to Vancouver, Vancouver Island, El Paso, Carlsbad Caverns, Tokyo, Seattle and the Twin Peaks location.

 This second time I had more research to go on. The first thing you see when you drive into North Bend is the Diner. The interior is slightly different but still has a center bar where the clerks stand behind. You really get to notice how much a camera takes up because the space from the counter to the door is quite a few steps. This might be a different counter though.

The next thing I wanted to see was the road where the show opens up on, the road with the sign showing the name Twin Peaks and the population. 

It was quite a difficult task, I had somehow found it on google maps but we drove past it without understanding exactly where to stop. The entire day was overcast, so the mountain is hidden by white clouds. Next was big Ed’s gas far, but unfortunately we did not find it. We skipped it and went to the police station.The police station is now an office for a dirt racing track. What’s amazing about this location is the police station actually faces the old saw mill. The saw mill is completely destroyed and in ruin, only a small section remains and where the rest would have been is the dirt race track.

The high school which if you compare it to the images from the show, looks pretty similar. I wish I could have gone inside but it was closed.The next location I really wanted to find was the bridge that Ronette Pulaski is seen staggering across. This was by far my favorite location. The bridge no longer contains railroad tracks but instead is paved for pedestrians. There was also a rope swing that kids probably used int he summer to swing into the creek below. 

This bridge had the twin peaks graffiti.

 While I did my research I did notice a handful of locations having been shot in Los Angeles, the most amazing one as far as I’m concerned is the entrance to the black lodge, the twelve sycamore trees, this spot is actually off of mulholland drive in Hollywood.

 The house where laura’s body is found washed up on the shore is located on an outer inlet of Seattle.

 There was a lot to see and we had a flight to catch in Seattle so we were quite quick. We went to the waterfall and had a drink at the hotel there. This place is now called the

 We caught some trains not he drive from North Bend to Snoqualmie, one was even in working condition behind the diner.

 I would recommend this visit to anyone who is a fan of the show. Keep an eye out on what month you visit the town as I’m sure it’s much better during a rainy season than a hot summer day.

This site is by far the best I’ve seen and will help you find exactly where you need to go for each recognizable location:”

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