Name: Maggie Dunlap

Born: Washington, D.C.

Lives: Miami, FL and New York, NY


Don’t Watch Me Eat, 2010, was my first performance piece to be shown in a gallery. In this time based work I ate and drank a massive amount in a gallery setting that I made to look like my living room. As a teen girl my body issues have been constant, and have shaped who I am as a woman and artist. I thought of myself always in contrast to something else, be it another person, or the space I occupied. My attachment to place and the feeling of not deserving to occupy it fuelled this piece. Concepts of privacy and outside versus inside were also very important to me. How could some spaces can be so sacred and holy and some so sterile and vacuum-like? Is it dependent on four walls and a roof or the people occupying it? I am thinking of the difference between crying in your room and crying on the street.

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