The first time I found out about Monika Mogi’s work was through her awesome Tumblr page “Troupel Peach”. I knew right on that she shared the same artistic sensibility as we do in Ponytale Magazine and that she was an artist that we couldn’t just ignore.

Monika’s aesthetic universe is influenced by femininity, mystery, manga and famous characters of Japanese culture. She is very much obsessed with Kagi Meiko, a 70s singer and actress that interpreted a whole bunch of revenge movies. Monica has profound admiration for Kagi because she represents a strong and independent woman, a woman that is not obsessed with her looks and consumerism, something that is practically obsolete in Japan.

Mogi is one of the youngest and most talented figures of the current Japanese photography scene. At the age of 20 she has already participated in campaigns for American Apparel, Vice and Nylon Japan. She has also collaborated with the collective “The Ardorous”, which is mandated by photographer Petra Collins.

She is currently working on a portrait-based project called “Working Class Beauty”, sildenafildosage.com inspired by the day-to-day lives of middle class girls in Tokyo.


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