“The kisses we shared changed colors every time the rain came down. Sometimes the rain came unexpected. But then we would enjoy it even more. We would go outside and dance in it. Hold hands, our feet would play with the water together. Splashing it around, where the water would land wouldn’t matter. They can be water anywhere. Like us, we can be us everywhere. The colors of the rainbow were dressing up the vague lines in our sky. The sun came through and the clouds would slowly hide. We watched the puffy clouds crawling away on their knees. They recognized the sun is so much stronger than they are. The clouds didn’t understand how the sun could be like that. They wanted to know her secret and observed her very closely. Meanwhile, we stopped dancing. We looked up and gazed at the sun. I looked at you, and saw you smiling. I looked up again and started smiling too. It was us, underneath the same sun, next to each other but separate. Not touching but feeling exact the same. The clouds looked down and finally realized how the sun always could be smiling. They looked in our eyes and what they saw was the sunshine. Reflecting in two satisfied eyes.”

Laura Kampman