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Photography: Laura Jimenez

Concept & Art Direction: Andrea Ferrer

Hair & Make up: Marieta Bravo

Clothes: Wellness, Nike, Decathlon.

Xixia & Cristina Duato@UNO MODELS

Special thanks to Josie Journal & Caroli Sport Club

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Wellness works with close ties to todays endless cascade of digital influence,where the garments also take part of projects beyond the physical grounds.

Wellness develops limited theme-based collections, which involve a constant feedback loop between everyday elements and their neo-atmospheric implantation.

Salud is a collection strongly inspired by health and beauty centers.

The idea of wellness much of this centers embrace has evolved from fitness, while fitness revolves around only the physical reinforcement; the subject of wellness will span across multiple dimensions in order to achieve a well being in a physical, spiritual and mental level. The evolution into this new all-around health has brought us to become more active in our decision-making and conscious about a more complete existence.

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Dubai Water is an internal brand of purified water.

Under Dubai Water the idea of promotional products is fully approached.
Therefore the thin and somewhat imaginary line that divides promotional garments and fashion is highlighted, stretched and modified. Where as once promotional products stood on a lower standard than commercialized products now we can observe how these products have shifted and gravitated towards the center. We find ourselves involved in an ‘Ideas Economy’ where the focus has turned mainly into the concepts themselves. Teasers, samples, and promotional products give shape to an identity in a much more immediate and effective manner than finalized overly commercialized products.